Founders, Validate Before You Invest: A Guide to Interactive Prototyping

25 February, 2018

Validate the idea first. What does validate mean? Proof. One needs to prove that the intended target audience will use every last thing that is built.

83% of statistics are made up, and a great idea happens every 10 minutes. So before opening a bank account and starting to spend money on building an app, validate and prove that there is a market of people out there who are willing to use your product. Do this first so that you don’t invest your hard earned money (or someone else’s) into the unknown abyss of entrepreneurship.

People spend their life savings on product development when there is a better, cheaper, safer way. Those who build an interactive, clickable prototype first end up spending 75% less money than if they had rushed straight into coding.



Avoid the abyss of entrepreneurship with an interactive prototype.


Research, wireframes, high-fidelity design, and a prototyping tool together produce an interactive prototype. Instead of coding an app, companies use applications like Adobe XD, Invision, Axure, Marvel, or UXPin, to bring their designs to life on the web or on a mobile device. This prototype is a clickable representation of what the final product will be. This will allow you to go out and get feedback from people who are part of your target audience within weeks rather than months.

We always tell our clients, “It is cheaper to erase a line on a blueprint than it is to knock down a wall.” By having the prototype, we can make changes quickly and affordable. Once all the feedback has been received and collected, we identify common opinions and decide which features need improvement and which ones need to be removed altogether. After all of the changes you wanted have been made, then it is time to bring the development team in to discuss building the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product., which should be the key feature we discussed earlier.

Don’t launch an app with all the bells and whistles from the get-go. Testing, optimization, and maintenance of all the features will take a long time, which means more money, and early adopters could be confused and scared away. Build the core feature of your product offering — the thing that will turn visitors into immediate users, and make building the other features easier. Test that it works, get feedback and then iterate. Release updates regularly until your core feature is what you expect it to be, and only then do you start working on a new feature. This way, no matter what, your app will work and provide a good user experience. Nothing is worse than a half-baked app that nobody wanted in the first place.



A broken app is more embarrassing than no app at all. Build your app the right way.



Issue Fixers offers a service called JETFUEL, that is a rapid development program that costs $15,000, and will provide you with everything you need to test and validate your idea, including the following:


  1. Strategy session

  2. Deep competitive analysis

  3. Descriptive feature list

  4. Identified key feature

  5. Monetization strategy

  1. Target audience defined

  2. Go-to-market strategy

  3. User journey

  4. Job stories

  5. Customer experience strategy

  1. Wireframes

  2. High-fidelity designs

  3. Interactive prototype

  4. User testing

  5. Scope of Work

We provide every client with a single point of contact throughout their relationship with Issue Fixers. Our project managers are responsible for receiving your feedback, offering suggestions and recommendations, and keeping you, the project, and budget on track.

We use tools to communicate with our entire team and for our project management. We give our clients access to these tools so that they can communicate their ideas with the team, and see what the team is working on and the status of each task. By providing transparency, clients are more at ease and the projects go a lot smoother.

If you have a digital product, you need JETFUEL. 99% of projects that go through JETFUEL saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in development fees. With JETFUEL, ideas go to market 10x cheaper, faster, and better ! Get JETFUEL for your business today and prepare to take off.

Teamwork makes the dream work. We are your marketing and development team.



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