FIRE™ Technique for Brand Messaging

21 September, 2018

How does FIRE™ work?

FIRE™ is an extraordinary way to take your messaging to the next level, whether it’s your brand, your website, or your next marketing campaign. FIRE™ is based on selling a lifestyle, not a product. It understands that the #1 reason we buy things is to become better versions of ourselves. It’s based on the research that shows we make decisions emotionally, not rationally. This means first we want something, and then we come up with reasons to justify getting it. That’s why our aim is on: a clear and concise message that can be easily understood; a compelling story that inspires one to fulfill their potential; a real, honest message that isn’t salesy and builds trust; and that gets the audience excited and engaged, ready to take action. Successful campaigns increase motivation. And when people are motivated, and you offer them the solution to bridge their current self to their dream life, it’s a no-brainer to use your product or service.

Focus – A clear and concise message that can be easily understood.  

Example: We make entrepreneurs successful. Our services are designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We’re thought leaders and our processes are the secret recipe for accelerated business growth; getting a product launched is the most powerful way to get closer to achieving lifestyle dreams.

Inspirational – “Good people bring out the good in people,” inspire others to live their dreams and fulfill their potential.

Example: Entrepreneurs have better lives than people stuck in the 9-5. They get to make decisions, sit in the cockpit and fly the plane, they get to be creative and they’re ideas will have an impact. They get to solve problems and be recognized and financially rewarded for the good they’ve done. They’ll be limitless, compared to the glass ceiling of the 9-5. People who live this dream look healthier, happier, they travel more, they get to spend time on the things they care about, they get to do the things that other people can’t.

Relatable – Honest, real, trustworthy.

Example: All of our clients started out just like our prospects. Every millionaire had a shitty day job at some point. Everyone who is huge started small. It’s about motivation, it’s about taking action, it’s about making a decision, knowing there will be bumps in the road, but the destination is worth it. People no different than our prospects, in the same situation, with the same fears, the same “haters,” the same lack of experience, doubts, insecurities, worries – decided the risk was worth it. Champions aren’t made overnight, but the decision to be one is something anyone can make, and achieve, if they work at it.  

Exciting – Opens the mind and gets the blood pumping. Increased engagement and makes the audience want to take immediate action.

Example: We’ve developed amazing new services and methodologies to make all this possible. We’ve done what other agencies haven’t: insanely great services, designed especially for entrepreneurs, at a low cost. We don’t keep the swanky office or the huge staff, we believe in partnering with and educating our clients, we use plugins and wordpress and leverage third-[party apps because we know the most important thing is hitting the ground and getting traction. We move fast because a startup’s biggest advantage is speed. We scale up and down for any project, and have services for wherever the consumer is in their journey: 0-60, JETFUEL, LAUNCHPAD, MISSION CONTROL. And shit, our LADDER process guarantees that it delivers results, so get on the phone and let’s chat because people are excited about this, blowing us up, and you don’t want to have to wait in line.


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